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Human Resources Executive Job Summary

Responsible for all human resources matters and functions.  The role functions to connect executive strategies with the Company’s employees through the following means: 

  • Educate, train, monitor, problem-solve, and ensure Company HR policy is followed across all employees, managers, and executives.

  • Direct and oversee all hiring, training, and dismissal processes while administering and monitoring benefit programs.

  • Involvement with strategically planning valuable HR changes and subsequently act to implement them.


Human Resources Executive Responsibilities

  • Understand and adhere to all current and pertinent labor laws.  Educate these laws to the Company. 

  • Work with the Company’s Executive group to strategically plan HR initiatives and encourage more efficient and beneficial work from employees. 

    • Develop a structured training program for each department.  The program must include the ability to monitor progress and effectiveness. 

    • Enhance and develop a structured and effective paperless onboarding process.

  • As a direct connection to our employees, the HR executive must be keenly aware of employee relations ensuring they are healthy throughout the organization and have a strong connection and involvement with each department.

  • Continually educate employees on Company policies (including sexual harassment, appropriate dress, and social media permissions, etc.) and keep the employee handbook updated and current. 

  • Promote a positive and open work environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up about issues

  • Foster cross-functional relationships and ensure managers and employees are properly connected. 

  • Develop a clear communication channel and policy to document all personnel changes and changes to personnel information such as benefits elections and pay. 

  • Monitor employee progress and stay abreast on Company climate and culture, ensuring it stays positive and productive

  • Establish an employee review process (including upward feedback process) that is tracked and monitored. 

  • Administer and monitor benefits, health plans, retirement plans, etc.


Human Resources Executive Qualifications

  • A proven leader with strong interpersonal skills, keen to motivate and effectively educate and connect department managers and employees regarding all HR matters

  • Experience in leading teams to accomplish specific goals

  • Positive, go-getter attitude

  • Strong organizational, communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills are required. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in human resources, business administration, finance, or related field

  • 10+ years of management experience in human resources or equivalent

  • Experienced in mediation and conflict resolution processes

  • Highly computer literate in Microsoft Suite (especially Excel and PowerPoint) and various HR software programs

Hoffman Beverage is an Equal Opportunity Employer and promotes a drug-free environment.

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